Insulated Shipping Products

insultote pouchInsultote by Innovative Energy®, Inc.

Insulated Bags/Pouches
Custom-made foil backed bubble pouches similar to standard bubble mailers and used to insulate temperature sensitive products for shipping. The 99% pure aluminum foil facer of the insulated bag reflects heat to keep the product at the desired temperature longer; while the bubble cushioning provides extra thermal and shock protection.

insultote pouch

Insulating Box Liners
Custom-made foil backed box liners feature one piece construction with a hinged lid. The 99% pure aluminum foil facer reflects heat to keep the product at the desired temperature longer.


Insulated Boxes
Printable, metalized polyester insulated shipping containers ideal for temperature sensitive shipping. The thin-walled polystyrene core reduces overall shipping dimensions and requires less space for storage. The durable customized container is reusable and not affected by moisture. In many applications InsulTote Boxes will outperform 2" thick foam boxes.insultote boxes


insultote pallet  covers and container liningsThermal Pallet Covers
A high strength reinforced aluminum foil cover used to insulate shipping pallets.

Insulating Container Liners
Manufactured to line the interior of overseas shipping containers to reduce moisture and temperature damage. Our unique design makes installation a snap.



Insultote Shipping Products
RSC Box Style
Bubble Pouch
Pallet Cover - Flap
ETL Pallet Cover


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