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Astro-Safe Heating & Air Conditioning Duct Liner

Astro-Safe hvac duct insulation is completely safe for installers, building owners and occupants. Astro-Safe's acoustical and thermal performance is the best available. The smooth foil surface assures minimum air friction loss and acts as an additional insulator preventing heat loss or gain between blower cycles. The tough foil surface allows ducts to be cleaned with standard rotating brush systems. Available in ½" & 1" thickness. Standard roll size: 4' x 50', custom cuts are available.

Safe for Installers and Occupants
Made from 100% Polyester Thermally bonded Hiloft Nonwoven fiber, laminated to 99% Pure Reinforced Aluminum foil.

Energy Efficient
Reinforced foil surface is lined with 99% Aluminum Foil. An easy to clean surface that maintains duct temperature between cycles; adding occupant comfort and minimizes air friction loss. Improves the performance of in-duct UV sanitizers.

Superior Acoustical Performance
Greatly reduces operating noise transfer. Noise Reduction Coefficient Rating 0.75



Astro-Foil Reflective InsulationAstro-Foil Reflective Insulation

ASTRO-FOIL reflective installation consists of two layers of aluminum foil laminated to the outside of two layers of heavy-duty polyethylene air-bubble cushioning. These bubbles form trapped air spaces between the foil surfaces to give the structure excellent 'R' values. Because ASTRO-FOIL II is also impervious to moisture and air currents, it is an ideal convection and vapor barrier. ASTRO-FOIL's surfaces reflect heat in both directions to keep you warm in the Winter and cooler in Summer.

Heating & Air Conditioning Duct Application

  Reduces Energy Consumption
  Increases Output at Registers
  Easy to Install
  Fungi and Mold Resistant
  Non-Toxic, Fiberless Material


Astro TabsRadiant Floor Heating Insulation

Joist Application

  R-Value up to 16.9
  Reflects 97% Radiant Heat
  Easy to Install
  Creates a Mositure Barrier
  Promotes Even Heat Distribution

Tuff-Stuff - Concrete Slab / Snowmelt Application

Tuff-StuffAbsolute Moisture Barrier
Keeps heat-robbing ground moisture away from the concrete.

Reduces Downward Heat Loss By Over 50%
Exceeds the requirements of most HVAC load calculation programs.

Super-Strong Compression and Puncture Resistence
Will support over 6" of concrete plus floor loads indefinitely.

Easy to Install
This multilayered material allows for great pliability. It will not break or crack during construction.




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